The objective of this program is to prepare timely, both fiscal and legal, the hereditary planning of partners and/or shareholders, using as a tool the legal concepts governing our current legislation, such as: the limited liability company, the inter partners insurance, escrow, will, among others; and to ensure membership and continuity of the estate even after his death.

We should mention that through the implementation of this program the entrepreneur would have the answer to statements such as:

  • What will happen to my estate after I die?
  • Will you accept as shareholders to relatives or heirs of my current partners?
  • Does anyone in my family is trained to handle the businesses in my absence?
  • Upon my death, how I can leave protected disabled, children, etc.?


Implementation of the Hereditary Planning program includes the following phases:

  • Preparation of the balance sheet.
  • Valuation of estate.
  • Identification of property risks.
  • Designation of beneficiaries.
  • Special provisions.
  • Establishment of ideal legal figures.
  • Implementation, supervision and control.