The main objective of this service is to minimize Fiscal-Estate risks stemming from the interaction of the individual (Entrepreneur) and its businesses and the timely preparation, both fiscal and legal, of the hereditary planning of the partners, using the legal concepts governing our legislation, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Transparency of estate.
  • Estate protection and continuity.
  • Establishing control and restrictions on the property subject to the inheritance.
  • Provide legal certainty both to the author of the inheritance and to the inheritors.
  • Optimize the fiscal and financial resources in the transfer of goods.
  • Flexibility in its handling, allowing to adapt the needs of the author of the inheritance.
  • Avoid the decapitalization of business.s


Our services in Estate Planning are integrated by the following programs:


  • Fiscal-Estate Protection

    In order to minimize the tax and/or legal risks of the entrepreneur caused by the misconduct or ignorance of the laws, this program was designed, which is intended to: detect the personal tax position of the entrepreneur, determine tax...


  • Hereditary Protection

    The objective of this program is to prepare timely, both fiscal and legal, the hereditary planning of partners and/or shareholders, using as a tool the legal concepts governing our current legislation, such as: the limited liability company, the...