This program aims to verify strict compliance with the legal-corporate obligations the legislation enforces in corporate matters to companies or agencies in order to ensure the partners or shareholders total security and certainty regarding the ownership of companies in which they have invested their estate.

In any organization the following aspects are important:

  • Define the appropriate corporate structure, which allows more efficient operation of the company and how to conduct business.
  • Establish rules and suitable conditions that will achieve harmony and transparency of relations between shareholders.
  • Have the security and protection of the business assets.
  • Comply with obligations under legislation subject to legal persons.


In order to satisfy the above aspects our Corporate Legal service is born, avoiding possible sanctions by the authorities, and above all, providing the partners or shareholders the security and certainty regarding the ownership of companies, through the following activities:

  • Establishment and implementation of:
    • Newly set up companies.
    • Business SA, SRL, SPR, ARIC, SAPI, SIBRAS, etc.
    • Service companies.
    • Estate holding.
  • Development or amendment of bylaws.
  • Update on corporate books.
  • Developing, reviewing and adjusting intercompany and between shareholders contracts.
  • Implementation of mergers and divisions of companies.
  • Recommendation for the creation of the administrative and monitoring bodies.
  • Corporate update, corporate restructuring and support, among others.