Faced with an economic and regulatory environment continually evolving, which leads to the reduction in the margins of operation of companies and strong competition that is open to national and international markets it is of vital importance the reduction of operating costs, within which the tax burden is, because of this, we design for our clients a working model with objectives designed to:

  • improve the liquidity of the entrepreneur and his businesses. .
  • Increase profitability of the business assets.
  • Granting security of business assets.


Targeting the 3 major elements that make up an organization:

  • The entrepreneur
  • The company
  • The human resources


Our services in matter of Tax Planning are integrated by the following programs:


  • Financial Management of Contributions

    This program aims to improve liquidity of the companies through the use of tools and procedures contained in the tax laws, such as: Planning in determining interim payments. Accreditation of contributions. Compensation contributions. Return of...


  • Remuneration to Human Resources

    Aware of the high fiscal costs applicable to traditional payment mechanisms to Human Resources, it is essential to implement legal alternatives to optimize the high tax burden that is generated to both the company and the employee; our firm solves...


  • Remuneration to Shareholders

    This program is designed to implement legal mechanisms to allow the entrepreneur to provide low-income tax costs of their companies, because traditional shareholder remuneration schemes originate excessive tax burdens. Therefore we have highly...


  • Fiscal Productivity

    Facing a changing economic environment such as ours, where a decrease is observed in the operating margins of enterprises, is of vital importance reducing operating costs and optimizing the tax burden always within a legal framework, because of...


  • Fiscal Quality

    Due to the complexity of the provisions in our country and with the intention to avoid incurring unnecessary costs and risks through ignorance or lack of adequate control policies in this area, in this program the following services are offered:...